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5 apps to help you maximize your time and boost productivity

In any business, staying on top of tasks and deadlines is key. But this is usually easier said than done, since we are all juggling multiple to-dos. The good news is there are some great tools that can help you stay organized, boost efficiency and find more time in your jam packed work day. From scanning documents to managing expenses to tracking workflow, here are 5 top ranked apps that can help keep you on-time, on-budget and on-task.

1. CamScanner  https://www.camscanner.com/

Save time waiting for snail mail and stop running to the office to scan documents. This app turns your smartphone into a camera and lets you create PDFs and JPGs to save, email or print wirelessly. Just snap a picture of what you want to scan, adjust the background, angle, brightness or colour and create a high-resolution file for your client. Such a great time saver, you may want to encourage clients to download this app too … just think how much quicker document signing can become!

2. Expensify https://www.expensify.com/

Spend more time prospecting and closing, and less time completing expense reports. This user-friendly app helps you manage business expenses by automatically tracking charges and logging them in an expense report. Link the app directly to a credit or debit account and facilitate payments too. The app’s SmartScan feature lets you take pictures of your receipts with your smartphone and then extracts and uploads the pertinent details into your expense sheet. Another plus: receipts can be submitted directly to your manager or accountant.

3. GoToMeeting https://www.gotomeeting.com/en-ca

Need to arrange a conference with your clients, their Independent Legal Advisor and your BDM? Want to hold a meeting with team members who are working remotely? This app makes it a breeze. Users just need a phone, computer or tablet to join the meeting. The app includes an audio and video connection and screen sharing – making it a great resource for videos, graphs or illustrating financial data. You can even record the call for playback to include those who couldn’t make the meeting. Another handy feature: sync GoToMeeting with your calendar so you never forget a meeting.

4. Asana https://asana.com/

Boost productivity and workflow management with this easy-to-use team collaboration app. Asana gives you the ability to create tasks, assign responsibility and due dates, share notes and attach files with a few simple clicks. It also integrates with Google Drive and Dropbox to share files between team members or clients. Find yourself more out of the office than in? The Asana mobile app works with both iOs and android. And here’s the best news: there’s a free account tier for teams of 15 members or fewer, so you can try before you buy.

5. Evernote https://evernote.com

Industry movers and shakers the world over use the hugely popular Evernote app to organize their business and personal lives. Harness the power to create and share different notebooks on different topics, trade instant messages, texts and emails, attach files, record meetings, set reminders, clip articles, create virtual to-do lists, scan documents, and so much more. Evernote even syncs automatically across all devices and operating systems. You’ll never have to worry about losing another post-it note, scrap of paper or business card again!

In today’s fast-paced world, apps that help simplify business tasks and boost efficiency will only continue to emerge and evolve. Your challenge will be to determine which apps best address your own needs and work style. With the right business apps in place you can accomplish the ultimate goal:  manage your time better in order to close more sales and boost your bottom line.

Have questions? Have a great app suggestion that has helped you with productivity? Feel free to post them in our comments below.

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